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This year, we had the pleasure of taking on Kyle, a Year 10 student from a local school.  He was only able to spend a week with us, but over the course of the week we put him through all departments at Workflow so he could get some insight into the various work we do here.

Kyle spent his first couple of days in Support.  Firstly, we had him build his PC – fitting all of the components and ensuring the wires were in the right place.  We also taught him how to make up network cables alongside our apprentice engineer. Kyle spent a good few hours on this task, ensuring the cables he made were of high standard and that our senior staff were happy with them.  Between our apprentice engineer and Kyle, they built an ethernet cable to be used for Kyle’s PC. He then had his skills put to the test, as we got him to build his very own LAMP server.  Kyle would be needing this once he moved over to the Development side of Workflow Solutions.


Once in Development, Kyle was tasked with creating his own quiz.  He sat with our graphic designer who explained the use of grids in web design and how to use them.  They also looked into trivia quizzes online and analysed the layout and style.  Kyle got stuck in and designed a wireframe version of how he wanted his own quiz to look.  He created a five-question quiz based on his favourite topic, computer components.  Kyle wrote all of his questions and answers, designing the buttons, their placement, and added effects. (Check out the graphic at the top of our post!)


We really enjoyed Kyle being here at Workflow Solutions, and we hope he did too.  In fact, read Kyle’s statement about his week here:

“I spent a week at Workflow Solutions for my work experience and I had the chance to experience and try all the different aspects of IT jobs. 

I loved every single second of my time there and had so much fun while learning so much while there.

Their staff are really friendly and helpful and made me feel so comfortable.

While being there, I was able to find out what I enjoyed the most and what I wanted to do in the future. 

Thank you to all of the staff and I would love to go back there again.”


Thank you, Kyle – you’ve been an absolute pleasure to have in the office, and we hope to see you soon!


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