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We’d like to announce our new service, P.A.T certifications!  We recently added this as a part of support/maintenance services due to customer demand.  Let’s have a look at some more information about P.A.T.

What is a P.A.T?

A P.A.T – or portable appliance test – is an inspection that is typically carried out yearly on all small electrical appliances e.g., plug socket extensions, speakers, kettles etc.  While not a legal requirement, there are some instances when a P.A.T is needed.  One example of this is to be able to operate your own equipment at a venue, or in rented properties.

A P.A.T has two parts to it: a visual inspection, and a more in-depth testing stage with specialist equipment.  A visual inspection is good to rule out any obvious signs that the appliance is not safe to use.  An example of this could be wire casing damage so the inner copper is exposed.  The in-depth test will help to ensure things that visibly look safe to use, are definitely safe to use.

Do I need a record?

Although portable appliance tests are not a legal requirement, it can be useful to have a record of anything that has been tested, when it was tested, and the result.  This way, should anything happen, your business has covered all bases.  With our tests, we supply you with a record of all of this information, pass/fail stickers, and a certificate stating you have had the testing carried out.

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