Print Week 28th January
Jo Francis unearths the new Rip Once PDF workflow product that launced Workflow Solutions as a pre press software development company.
Print Week 8th September
Barney Cox reporting on Dennis Publishing's trouble free move to output ready PDF's, thanks to PageFusion.
Customer comments 
Various customer quotes. 
Print Week 3rd November
Product of the week. Simon Eccles puts PageFusion under the spotlight in this comprehensive double page centerspread.
Print Week 16th November 
Me and my machine. Sally Cousins discovers how PageFusion smoothed the path to CTP during her customer interview.
Workflow Solutions Support Packages

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Fledgling software company Workflow Solutions has developed a new package to allow repro houses to implement a RIP-once PDF workflow that can be bolted onto existing systems. The firm has been set up by brothers Colin and Martyn Angus, who both have long track records as behind-the-scenes software developers, working for Agfa, Hyphen, Scitex, Crosfield, MidSystem, RES and Screen among others. ”In the past we put together other people’s systems,” explained Colin Angus. ”Then we had a request to produce a system for high resolution PDF output and couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill – none of the existing software could produce high resolution with any resilience – so we developed our own.” 

The firm’s PDF Workflow software sits on a dedicated NT server. It includes a full-blown Harlequin RIP and can tackle the panoply of file formats typically handled by repro houses, including copydot files. As it automatically produces high and low resolution composite CMYK PDF files, it effectively competes with both high-end solutions such as Apogee and Prinergy as well as Pixelis ProofROOM and Blackmagic. ”We take the output from the RIP and convert it to PDF” added Angus. The package includes hardware, software and installation. It is currently being beta-tested at a London repro house. Contact: 01322 277414 or

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