your own IT department from £2.26 a day
Your name
Your email
Your phone
Replacement PC every 3 years  †
Spread the cost of updating your IT with this optional add-on. Includes PC, Monitor & Microsoft Office.
Telephone Support
Need some help or advice? Give us a call on 01322 787080 and we'll log your question straight away.
Remote Support
If we can't answer your question over the phone our engineer can show you the answer on your PC screen.
On Site Support & Breakdown Cover
If your PC has a problem and isn't available for remote support an engineer will arrive on-site to fix it.
Online Incident Tracker
You can raise a support ticket quickly & easily 24hrs a day with our online portal.
Regular Servicing & Updates  
You also get 4 service vists every year to keep your PC safe, secure and running at its best.
As you can see the Comprehensive Business Support package is pretty comprehensive. Unfortunately we do need to apply a fair usage policy to our support roles and a secured agreement for the 3 year PC replacement option. Details available on request.
comprehensive business support

Have you often thought how much more your team could do if they had instant access to your own IT department? This is no longer a privilege reserved for large companies. Any size business can now achieve this with a Comprehensive Business Support package from Workflow Solutions.
Not sure what new PC model best fits your business' needs? We can help you make this decision. No more stressful days at the office once you have your own IT department.
On Site Support & PC Breakdown Cover
Modern computers have come along way in reliability terms, unfortunately they still break. For our customers the drama is kept to a minimum; log a support call at the helpdesk and an engineer comes out to fix it. We may need to order parts or take the machine back to the workshop but most of the time you'll be back running on the first visit. All parts and labour are included in the price. The full service is only available to standard PC users, for other computers drop us an email and we'll be in touch.
Telephone Support
The time we spend on the phone helping you is all included in the monthly fee, nothing else to pay. Obviously we can't answer every question about everything (would have an awesome pub quiz team if we did), but we'll certainly pull out all the stops to help you as much as we can.
Remote Support
Somethings are too complicated to explain over the phone, or maybe we need to see how your email is configured. For these times our engineer will setup a connection to your PC so we can share whats on your screen, we can even control your mouse & keyboard too. For your security & privacy we will only connect with your permission, and we can't see anything until you 'click' to allow the connection.
Online Incident Tracker
As a contract customer you'll have a logon to the customer portal in our system so you can keep an eye on our progress too. The portal allows you see our records for all your jobs, both current and resolved. You can easily add comments or more detail to open tickets. New support requests can be raised via the portal too, which means you can quickly add tickets any time day or night safe in the knowledge that our helpdesk is updated.
Regular Servicing & Updates
A full PC ‘health check’ in your own office. Reduces the risk of untimely breakdowns and keeps your PC running at full speed. Full CBS customers get 4 service vists per year to ensure hassle free computing. A service typically includes:
airflow cleaning, hardware tests, virus scan, malware scan, security updates & firewall check.
Replacement PC, Monitor & Office Software
Can be included with a 3 year CBS agreement. Your existing PC will be replaced along with flatscreen monitor, mouse, keyboard and the latest version of Microsoft's Office Suite. You get the new machine 18 months into the agreement, which effectively upgrades/replaces your hardware every 3 years whilst the cost is spread over the 3 year term, interest free.
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